Share with the World part III

Share with the world part III -


At long last the conclusion of this small series of sharing your work with the world. In this series I have covered publishing on the cheap, writer’s conduct, and now finishing with sharing your work on social media. I will cover writing websites, blogs, and Facebook. You probably thinking what about twitter? Though I think twitter holds awesome capacity of free publicity for writers. It is a beast that I personally have not attempted to tame. I have my hands full with other social media I attempt to tame. If I find a good article on how to use Twitter to share your writing I will update this post with a link to it.


Writing websites for me has been an invaluable tool to get over the dreaded chasm of hiding my work in a myriad of dog eared journals. Journals that shifted from moving box to moving box never to see the light of day. A good writer’s site offers a safe and regulated environment in which to share your work and get valuable feedback from other writer’s in their tender development. One caveat of publishing on this sight is it will render it useless if you where to go to try to publish it somewhere else. Most publishers and magazines are particular about having fresh unpublished pieces and they would consider posting on these sites published. So be mindful of that.


Some sites that I suggest:


Blogs. I had a teacher once say that it blogging is a beast that consistently needs fed. I am hear to testify that it is truly a beast with an insatiable appetite. Unfortunately, a necessary and useful beast that provides practice for writing for an audience at little to no cost. I would say that the benefits of that out way the cost. Blogs provide ample opportunity for you to connect with your audience in the off hours of your writing. It’s a place for you to showcase who you are as a writer. A place where you can let your guard down a little to make yourself more relatable to your readers.


The last and most slippery slope out of the three Facebook. It is a slippery slope because it is a social media that provides the most distractions. In fact tonight was dedicated to beefing up my internet presence which I will touch on more shortly, and a part of that was Facebook. The unfortunate thing about social media is everybody has access to you and you have access to them and the other bells and whistles Facebook offers. So tonight it has taken me hours to produce these humble blog posts because I keep falling in the vortex that is Facebook.


Though I am reaching out to my faithful readers and supporters, what would only take a quick second turns into minutes and hours. Again, the easy access that Facebook provides again make you available to your readers and building your author platform. With self publishing on the rise, and traditional publishing in the decline this access is crucial to any writers vitality. Again Facebook should come with a warning when using it as platform, be disciplined in the time you spend there and make sure you accomplished the tasked you logged on to do. I don’t know how many times I’ve logged on to Facebook with a militant marketing purpose and forget why I was there with all the games and clever posts of my friends.


In conclusion it is worth your time as a writer to take advantage of the amenities that the world of technology offers us. Though it takes time and dedication to do so. I personally have to make a pointed effort to set aside time to feed my internet venues. So I would strongly suggest that you do the same. Though it can be tedious at times, it fulfills your role as a writer to get your work out there. Which really truly what writing is all about is cutting yourself open (strictly metaphorical) and let the world see how you bleed. Which in turns help them to deal with their own bleeding. Vulnerability is a lost art and writers are exclusively responsible to carry this torch for the world


In conclusion of this series. There is no good excuse to not share your writing with the world. There are so many cheap and easy way to get yourself out there. So go do it. Do it cheaply, do it with respectful conduct, and splash yourself all over the internet!

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