Writer’s Success Share with the world Part I-

I encountered a writer today who was musing about the fact that she wished she could publish, but she felt she could not due to financial issues. It struck a cord with me because I have been wrestling with the amount of time and money I have been putting into my own writing lately, wondering what will come of it. With publishing these writings being the next step on my horizon, I have doubts. One of the most prominent being; What if people don’t read or like my stuff.? I have put so much time into writing and with other writers that can empathize there is no guarantee what your return will be on the work you put into your writing. Though there is the obvious concern of the financial return, but that personally is not my main concern. My dream since I was a little girl was to be a successful writer. Lately I’ve been really trying to nail down what exactly success for me as a writer would be. My conclusion of what success for a writer is:

1) Showing up to the page and getting your writing on it.

2) Making your work accessible, share it with the world.

3) Take confidence that you have done all you can do as a writer following the first two statement.

Any return in the form of positive feedback and or financial gain is a bonus. This is the belief I hold personally for me as a writer. I respect and appreciate others would have a different idea of success based on money and readership. Am I against making money on writing no. The rub is I realized that regardless of the money I make or not the readership I get or not, I will still write. Lacking these things will not detour me as a writer. Thus consecrating my conclusion of what I see as a successful writer. Following these simple demands of success as a writer can be very difficult in application. In this world riddled with writers like the one I talked to today. People who mourn of a dream they see as impossible to achieve, when there are practical ways to achieve it. Starting with letting go of things like financial gain or loss, readership gain. Accepting that the value of what you have to say as a writer is enough to get it down and out into the world anyway you can. Whether it be formal publishing, or self publishing done either through a print-on-demand service, or printed right off your home computer. (Just a note: I am focusing more on printed matters this post, but there are very practical ways to publish digitally for free Digital publishing will be discussed in my next post) Today I am including links to instructions for DIY publishing that you can run off of your home printer for dollars and pennies. If you are a person who knows you would write regardless of what the benefit or consequences will be, then you more then deserved to be publish, it is your responsibility to put it out in the world, because it will be better for it.


http://www.poets.org/viewmedia.php/prmMID/21249 http://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Mini-8-Page-Pocket-Zine!/step1/Download-the-Word-Template/


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  • Jessica,

    Some great points. As writers it can be difficult to measure success because it isn’t often fast in coming. I think it’s great that you have given yourself specific ways to measure your success, that isn’t related to fame or fortune. Like in the movie Field of Dreams, as a writer it would be ‘If you write it, they will listen….eventually!”

    I think that most people give up before they have a chance to build their readership but I know you will stick with it. You are fabulous at motivating others and giving people courage to go for their dreams. Well done!!

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