The Best Day ever -

I have to take a moment and be thankful for the greatness yesterday was.

I started my dream of writing a novel. I met some really cool friends that will be writing along side with me this month, and I got a friend request from my long lost best friend from high school.


I have been looking for her for years. It’s so ironic because earlier yesterday as I anticipated my dive into the novel writing frenzy I was reminded of when Katie (long lost friend) and I would try to write songs together wanting to be the next girl band or something. I am sure our motivation was to meet are boy band flavor of the week. I thought the correlation was a bit odd until I really thought about it.


First of all, I was attempting my dream long ago the fact that I was awaiting to start my new novel in a fantastic way was nothing new. Second of all I realized that when are dreams are in our sites. It reminds us of who are hearts belong to family, close friends. Those in particular who are not there to share that moment and you wish they were. I missed her deeply, but I had done everything to try to find her, so I just sent good thoughts upwards and smiled at her memory. Went on with my day.


So I went met my new writing buddies, came home kicked but on my first days word count. I was going through my facebook account to update my fans (family counts), and stumbled upon an old friend request from her. With a message that it took her a really long time to find me. So the conclusion of this best day story ever is this my friend Katie is back in my life and I count that as she was here with me to face the coming of one of my greatest dreams. I love you Katie welcome back! The subtext of this conclusion is that Katie wins the long lost friend contest, because I tried to find her and she found me first. That whole name change marriage thing can really make those google searches a bit difficult. My Word Count for Today is 6134 I have 43,866 words left.

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